1. rachelannc:

    Halestorm - Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood Mac Cover) (Live at Cadillac Jacks, 101 WRIF Detroit, December 8, 2012)

    I’ve recently been rediscovering this Grammy Award-winning American rock band within the past month, and I can’t help but be amazed by their obvious talent. Frontwoman Elizabeth “Lzzy” Hale is such a powerhouse as she has all the vocal talent to truly emit the power, flavor, and angst of hardcore metal and rock music. And, their take on this classic Fleetwood Mac song makes me so happy.

    Backed by such trained and experienced musicians on guitar, percussion and bass, the foursome-act lends way to such a solid performance that breeds on the depth of sound, instrumentation, and natural chemistry. They do Fleetwood Mac justice with this song, bringing their own hardcore rock flavor to it, providing more angst and attitude (of course with Lzzy’s powerhouse vocals) than Stevie Nicks and her softer, wistful soul could do.

    Lzzy definitely becomes her own sort of gold dust woman here. The build-up throughout this song is brilliant as one gets more and more lost within the transcending-nature of this angsty-lullaby (that bridge is such a trance!).

    It’s so hard to do classic-rock bands like Fleetwood Mac justice, so what’s not to love about this band? And to see such a strong, hardcore woman totally owning it? It’s inspiring! More power to ya! Rock on gold dust woman.

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  2. dorkstorm:

    Arejay Hale drum solo/ “Dissident Aggressor” cover

    09/22/2013, Showbox, Seattle Washington

    Shot by “Iron Mike” Savoia.

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  3. aquariz:

    Sooooo much better than the original!!

    Halestorm-Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover) 

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  4. jsweetbicook83:

    Halestorm - I’m Not An Angel Acoustic (by Steve Porter)

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  5. VOTE!



    For Halestorm. Like I need to tell you that.

    • Best Drummer: Arejay Hale
    • Best Vocalist: Lzzy Hale
    • Song of the Year: “Love Bites (So Do I)”
    • Album of the Year: The Strange Case Of…

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    Congratulations, Lzzy, Arejay, Joe and Josh!

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